Frequently Asked Questions

During our busiest seasons, we don't like to introduce new dog energies into our established pack. For that reason, we will not accept new dogs for Boarding or Daycare during the following date ranges: Memorial Day weekend - July 4th weekend November 15- January 15 This applies to dogs who are hoping to enter our pack as a regular daycare dog. Exceptions may be made in the case of out-of-town visitors or one-time only daycare dogs. Established customers who are adding dogs to their family, or have visited at least once prior to the blackout date ranges.
While dogs show behaviors for many different reasons, please know that if your dog does not enjoy themselves while at Bark's, we will let you know. Some dogs are just hesitant at thresholds or in loud areas, but once they are with the group, they flourish. It is very common for a dog to want to go with their owner, we ask that you make as little fuss as possible when dropping off, be firm and confident when bringing in your dog, and leave promptly. Most dogs turn around to follow us back as soon as the door closes behind you. All daycares are different, and just like people, not all dogs will be a good fit at every place, and in the event that your dog doesn't fit in with our pack, we would be happy to make other recommendations.
While we require every dog to have the Bordatella vaccination, there is always a risk for contracting Canine Cough, aka Kennel Cough, from any place that has high dog traffic, such as dog parks, boarding or daycare facilities, grooming salons, pet stores, or even walking around your neighborhood. The Bordatella vaccination is similar to a human flu shot, in that it is merely the CDC's best prediction at what Canine Cough strains will be prevalent that year. For this reason, we recommend updating the vaccination every 6 months to increase your pup's protection. We strive to maintain a clean facility at all times, but just like kid's coming down with a cold or flu in school, Canine Cough, once introduced to an area can spread rapidly. This is made even harder to maintain due to symptoms not always being present while the dog is infected and contagious. Because of this, please understand that if your dog displays any signs of coughing, even if it is from pulling on a leash, or any other unrelated reason, we will not allow them into our facility until a vet is seen or symptoms disappear. If your dog does contract Canine Cough, we ask that they are kept home until your vet decides that they are no longer contagious. We may request a written ok from your vet before we allow your pup back to Bark's. Please note that while the vaccination does protect against Canine Cough, it is still possible for your dog to contract the illness, especially if they are older, not socialized often, or have depressed immune systems. We will be sure to notify customers if we see an influx in Canine Cough cases at our facility or in our area.
We strive to maintain a calm and safe environment for our daycare pack. If any dog is displaying unwanted behavior that affects the pack in any negative way, we will remove them for the day. If the behavior continues or worsens we may have to dismiss the dog permanently, or until outside training has corrected the behavior.
We have anywhere from 30 to 80 dogs in our daycare pack each day. We follow the PACFA standards of 1 person per 15 dogs, so even on our busiest days, the dogs are well supervised.
We do not have any specific age restrictions. However, we require all dogs to be fully vaccinated for Rabies. Distemper, and Bordatella. Your vet may recommend waiting until a certain age for some of these vaccinations, but as long as your pup is current on at least the first round of these shots, and isn't overdue for any boosters, they are welcome to come to Bark's.
Absolutely not! We love and welcome ALL breeds. We judge by personality, behavior, and play style, not by breed or looks. If you are uncomfortable with your dog socializing with any specific breed, then Bark's may not be the best fit for you.
We require all social dogs over one year to be fixed. However, if your dog is not yet a year old, and displays any unwanted behavior due to being unaltered, we have have to remove or dismiss your dog from the daycare pack until they have been spayed or neutered. We do not require unsocialized dogs to be fixed.
We divide our daycare groups by size, age, and energy level. While we officially have "Big Dog" and "Little Dog" groups, we may sometimes make additional groups, or shuffle dogs between groups to make sure the energy levels and play styles match. We do this on a day-to-day and case-by-case basis. While size is a big factor, we may sometimes place a low-energy or older big dog with the "little" dogs, or a high-energy puppy who isn't full grown may join the "big" dog group.
We have large and extra large rooms to house families of dogs, unless otherwise requested. Please note that if your dogs require separate sleeping accommodations, multi-dog discounts will not apply.
While we don't have an overnight staff in facility, we find that after a full day of play, the boarding dogs are so tuckered out that they sleep straight through the night. We feel that allowing the dogs to be social all day alleviates separation anxiety. It also gives them ample time to relieve themselves, so overnight accidents are few and far between.
We do not require any kind of evaluation before accepting new daycare dogs, however we do require all new dogs to make reservations for their first day. We have a very tight-knit daycare pack, so we only introduce one new dog per day. This allows us to slowly introduce and closely monitor how your pup fits in with our established pack. If all goes well, we do not require reservations for daycare after the trial day.
Because we offer both social and non-social boarding, we do not require a temperament test or evaluation prior to boarding reservations. If your dog does well with the other dogs, they will be with our daycare pack during the day unless otherwise requested. If they don't play well with others, they will not socialize, but are still welcome to come for boarding. Please note that we do not board dogs who are aggressive towards people as our staff is constantly interacting with all dogs, even those that are non-social.
We can sometimes make arrangements for pick-ups and drop-offs outside of regular business hours or on holidays. Please note that these may not always be available, and will incur an extra charge. All arrangements for special pick-ups and drop-offs must be made with us at least 24- hours in advance.
We do not allow aggressive or unfriendly dogs to socialize. We do, however, know that dogs can act very different in a daycare setting than they do at home, on a leash, or at a dog park. For that reason, we are always willing to work with any issues or behavior problems that your dog may have while adjusting to this new social setting. Alternatively, they may display bad habits here that they do not display at home, so please understand that we may have to remove or dismiss your pup if they inhibit the safety of our daycare pack or staff.
Our groups are monitored at all times, and our staff is trained to predict and prevent scuffles. We do not allow aggressive or unfriendly dogs to socialize, and we remove or dismiss any dogs that create unsafe situations. However, dogs do love to romp around and can sometimes play rough; because they play with their teeth and paws, occasional scratches or superficial scrapes can occur. And, just like kids on the playground, dogs do occasionally get into arguments, even with their best friends. We do our very best to maintain a safe environment, but injuries can occur anytime multiple dogs play together. In cases of non-threatening or superficial marks, we will inform the owners upon pickup. On the rare occasion that an injury is more serious, or may require veterinary care, we will contact the owner immediately. Please note that per our waiver, owners assume all responsibility for the risks involved in a socialized dog setting.
If your dog is social, they will be out with the daycare pack all day unless otherwise requested. If your dog is not social, or you prefer they don't socialize, they will get regular potty breaks in a private yard, and have lots of one-on-one time with us. If you would like your non-social dog to get more exercise, we are happy to add on walks or hikes at your request.
We do not have a streaming feed, but we encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as we post pictures and videos daily of the dogs. We are also happy to text or email you pictures at your request, and we can even let you Facetime or video "chat" with your pup!
No. Our pack is constantly supervised, and we follow the PACFA standards of 1 attendant per 15 dogs. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in dog behavior, pet first aid, and pet CPR.
We do not bring the dogs in for breaks or naps unless requested. There are many areas in the play yards for dogs to rest whenever they need, and the other dogs are very good about leaving resting dogs alone. Boarding dogs who are social are only in their rooms at mealtimes and bedtime.
For overnight boarding, we ask that you bring your pup's food from home in a sealed container (tupperware, ziplock bags, storage bin, etc.). We provide elevated cots, beds, bowls, and blankets in every room. You are, however, welcome to bring anything else from home that you feel will make their stay more comfortable. All belongings are kept in your pup's private room or cubby, and will not be shared with other dogs. Please DO NOT bring bowls from home as they may become mixed in with our own. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage that your pups do to their things while boarding. Sometimes dogs who never destroy things at home will find it a fun midnight distraction or anxiety relief to tear apart beds and blankets. We are happy to let them destroy our beds and blankets all they want! Daycare dogs do not need anything from home unless they are used to being fed lunch, or require mid-day medication.
For the safety of the dogs, we do not offer in-person facility tours. We strive to keep our pack calm and quiet, and we find that unfamiliar faces disrupt and heighten the energy of the pack; for that reason, only employees are allowed behind the office doors. We will soon have a virtual tour available to view on our Facebook page as soon as we are settled in our new digs.
Our play yards are a combination of astroturf, asphalt, grass, and gravel. The dogs have constant access to shade, shelter, and fresh drinking water. In the summer we have water misters running the length of the fence, we keep swimming pools filled with fresh water, and regularly spray the turf and gravel with water to keep them cool. In the winter we have large outdoor heaters, use pet-approved salt on icy areas, shovel snow when necessary, and have spare sweaters and booties if needed. In case of extreme heat or cold, hailstorms, downpours or any other inclement weather, we will bring the dogs inside until conditions improve.
All dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella vaccinations, and we will need due dates for all. All rabies must come from a licensed veterinarian. If you administer other vaccinations at home, we must have clear records with due dates and vaccination stickers. We may be unable to accept your dog if any vaccination records are unclear or missing any of the above information. We do not accept titers in lieu of vaccinations. We do not require, but strongly recommend Canine Influenza and Leptospirosis vaccinations. We also strongly recommend updating the Bordatella vaccination every 6 months to keep your pup as protected against Canine Cough as possible, as it is highly contagious and very common in areas of high dog traffic such as dog parks, boarding/ daycare facilities, and pet stores. Please see our section in the FAQ about Canine Cough for additional information and protection recommendations.
Simply register under the Customer Portal as a new customer, making sure to sign all waivers and agreements. Once you are registered, give us a call, send an email, or text to request a reservation. We do not take reservations through the registration software at this time.
We require proof of current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella vaccinations. Please see our section on required vaccination for more information. You can either upload a picture of records to your registration, bring in a hard copy when you drop off your pup, or have your vet email records to barksplayandstay@gmail.com. We do not have a fax machine.
We do not offer daycare nor are we open for drop-offs or pick-ups on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
Please note that our hours may vary or be shortened on the eve of many of these holidays as well.
We are, however, at the facility 365 days a year to care for your pups, even on days that we are "closed".
We are open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding major holidays.
We do not have specific pick-up or drop-off times, and we do not close for any mid-day breaks.
Our address is 2527 W. Pinyon Avenue, Grand Junction, Colorado 81505. We are between 25 and 25 1/2 road, just up the hill from Sam's Club and the Tennis Bubble in the old Harris Equine Hospital.
Between November 15 and January 15 we close enrollment for all new customers. As of January 1st, 2019 we are a social-only facility. We have limited enrollment at this time, and all dogs must meet the following requirements to be accepted into our pack. (Please note that even if your dog meets these requirements, it does not automatically ensure they will be accepted. We may require a temperament test or trial day to determine if they will be a good fit for our pack.) * Must be spayed/neutered if over 1 year of age. * Must be current on vaccinations (We require Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella) * Must have been previously consistently socialized elsewhere. This means they must regularly visit an off-leash environment such as a dog park or another dog daycare.

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